Mass Action Worldwide Against Growing Antisemitism on Twitter & College Campuses

by Avi Abelow

In reaction to a Twitter rant of antisemitic messages by an influential British rapper, prominent Jewish activists active on social media have implemented a 48 hour Twitter “walkout” to say enough is enough.

Quite ironic, and sad, that during a global movement that is supposed to about fighting “racism”, more and more people feel comfortable publicly voicing support for Hitler, supporting Mr. “I’m not an antisemitic, I’m anti-termite” Louis Farrakhan and freely voicing blatantly Jew-hating messages.

I have been calling out the growth of Antisemitism in America for years, starting back in the Obama administration years, when Antisemitism was growing on college campuses. They cloaked it as anti-Zionism, but it was always Antisemitism and it was making college campuses less safe for Jews.

Today, Jewish college students are experiencing a record level of Antisemitism. 

And it’s not just on college campuses, it is everywhere.

One group has started a campaign to unite all Jews who have experienced Antisemitism, to stop them from being bullied into silence and instead provide a voice for them on social media and empower them to stand up strong.

I always told college students that the anti-Israel, anti-Semitic activities on campus were about making them feel embarrassed about their Jewish identity. The best way to fight it is to educate themselves about their Jewish identity, Jewish history and Israel, to empower themselves with the knowledge to be proud Jews, and to share that pride with other Jews. Anyone who knows the truth about Israel knows that Israel is a beacon of morality, human rights and diversity. Israel is the solution to the Middle East, not the problem!

Everyone, please visit the antisemitismstories account on Instagram and share it with all the students you know to empower them and give them a voice to overcome the growing Antisemitism we are witnessing today. It is not just about the Jews. All societies that allowed Antisemitism to become mainstream ended up self-destructing. So, it is in everyone’s interest to stop the growth and acceptance of Antisemitic behavior and rhetoric.

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