Mike Pompeo just publicly exposed Iran’s weak spot 

by Phil Schneider

Mike Pompeo states perfectly the one thing that works with totalitarian regimes – and it is the only thing that works – force. There are so many lessons to learn from World War II. But perhaps the most important thing is to believe the threats and writings of totalitarian leaders. When they say they want to destroy a country and it’s people, they mean it.

The Iranian regime is not that different than the Nazi regime in Germany. Of course, the Germans were not Muslim, and the Iranians were not Europeans. However, it is no surprise that they have a lot in common. After all, they worked together in World War II. The Mufti, a Muslim leader from the area of pre-State of Israel worked arm in arm with Adolf Hitler. The German regime opened it’s arms to the Mufti and saw in him a valuable ally in it’s designs to conquer the Middle East from the British Empire.

Totalitarian regimes tend to work together – until there interests begin to clash. They never truly trust anyone and therefore ultimately fail. But the free world, led by the United States must muster all of it’s power with it’s allies in order to fight against the Irans and the Chinas of the world. They may work together today, but they will turn their back on each other at a later date. The Germans and the Japanese were allies, but they had deep mistrust of one another. We must unify against the enemies of mankind. Mike Pompeo’s doctrine is very down to earth and simple. Use force – but with wisdom. It is the only language they understand.

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