The New York Times is trying to silence a reporter by harming his family

by Leah Rosenberg

If you disagree with a reporter, you can share what you believe in. But you cannot incite violence against the one you disagree with. That’s called crime.

NYT Trying to Silence Reporter

This is actually horrifying. The New York Times has crossed the line before. Many, many times. But hearing this reporter share his personal account is frightening.

Tucker Carlson is a well-known face on Fox News. Of course, the New York Times is not so fond of him. Because let’s admit it – the New York Times is fond of no one unless they are a radical Liberal. They even kick out people who are “their own.”

But how can such a well known and (formerly?) respected newspaper become one that incites violence against other American citizens? How can anyone who works for this newspaper go to sleep at night knowing they are helping create a corrupt America?

Freedom of Opinion?

What happened to Americans being allowed to have their own opinion without being threatened? Politics has become a scary thing in America. The radical Left is trying to wipe out everyone who is different. They are trying to silence them and are even willing to become violent to achieve their goal.

America is definitely not what it used to be. One side of the political spectrum has taken a very, very scary turn. They got lost. Very lost. And they don’t seem to be circling back around to sanity.

This is no longer a matter of opinion. This is a matter of right and wrong; a matter of morals.

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