The new normal in NYC is worse than you thought

by Avi Abelow

Antisemitism in NYC is rising at an alarming pace. It has become the new normal. And New York officials don’t seem to be doing much to counter the attacks.

Antisemitism in NYC

Attacks against Jews throughout the world have been happening too often. But if you take a look specifically at antisemitism in NYC, it is terrifying. It is so alarming that you don’t want to believe the statistics. But the facts don’t lie. There has been an 86% increase in hate crimes from the year 2018 in New York City alone. 86%! Any increase would have been too much, but that number is far too high. There have been verbal attacks, physical attacks, stabbings. The attacks have been against Jewish adults as well as children.

What Are NYC Reps Doing?

Nothing. The officials who represent New York are doing absolutely nothing. They have failed the Jewish people. The representatives and senators have failed the city of New York. The police department has failed to protect its citizens against hate crimes.

Jews are scared. Life is no longer normal. The new normal in NYC is antisemitism. Things only seem to be getting worse. Enough is enough. Will those who can make a difference choose to do so? Or will they continue to just use their words to “condemn antisemitism” and sit back and watch as it continues?

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