What you didn’t expect about the holy city of Jerusalem

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel is the 96th country of this unique travelling couple. See what it is like to be a tourist for one day in Jerusalem who gets it all in. Starting with the Temple Mount in the Old City, they literally get everywhere. What is unique is that they give both an insider and outsider view of what it is like to be in Jerusalem – with fantastic visuals.

Tourists, of course, focus on the food – especially falafel, and other external matters. None of these actually capture the essence of what makes the city of Jerusalem so unique. The spiritual side of the State of Israel is ultimately the main essence of what draws people into the famous and ancient city. But it is also about the connection that people feel to the Bible and their ancient forefathers.

Any attempt to encapsulate the city of Jerusalem will never do it justice. It is simply a city with a different feel than anywhere else in the world. Most people will say that they almost feel like they are transported in time when they are in the city. That is of course due to the ancient walkways and remnants of things from thousands of years ago. But many will say that it is God’s essence that has never truly “left” the Holy City of Jerusalem. Of course, God is everywhere in this world. But in some ways, He is felt in a much more tangible way in the city of Jerusalem. This is perhaps part of the secret that is Jerusalem.

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