Jerusalem: Where Spirit and Physical Meet

by David Mark

Jerusalem is more than the political center for the State of Israel, it is the spiritual epicenter for the Jewish people, the birthplace of Christianity, and the engine of universal Redemptive imagination.

First established as the seat of the Davidic Kingdom more than 3,000 years ago, Jerusalem has been the focal point of the Jewish people whether they were in the Land of Israel or in exile.

For many, Jerusalem is more than a place, but an ideal concept yearning to break into our mundane world – a unification of spirit and physical. In exile this was a dream – a goal never to be attained, yet in the 50 plus years since the city’s reunification, its splendor and glory have returned. It has become more than a spiritual destination. Jerusalem has begun to transition into the blend it was always meant to be – a vessel in our world for the eternal light of the Creator.

On my tours where I take people through the alleyways and streets of the Old City, I often point out a Jewish neighborhood, once destroyed by Arab pogroms and yet is now flourishing once again with young Jewish kids playing once again in the streets. It says in Zechariah Chapter 5: “And the broad places of the city shall be full of boys and girls playing in the broad places thereof.”

In Jerusalem, prophecies come alive – they are activated with a sense that we are just players in the Divine Redemptive plan. In Jerusalem of the present, the Divine hope for a Holy City that inspires unity and brotherhood is beginning to be expressed no in dreams, but in the reality of experience.

After all, our job here is to create lasting vessels for the Divine light. This is the point of Jerusalem – to be both heavenly and earthly at the same time. Ultimately, this is what each of us are taksed with in our own life. Jerusalem of today – is the trigger for our transformation.

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