US bombs Iran-backed militia in Iraq and Syria in response to rocket attack

by Leah Rosenberg

Hearing about an Iran-backed militia is nothing new. Iran funds terrorism all throughout the world. And the US won’t stand for it.

US Bombs Iran-Backed Militia

A rocket attack in Iraq killed an American civilian contractor and wounded several troops. In response, the US bombed an Iran-backed militia. 19 fighters from this pro-Iran militant group were killed.

The United States considers groups backed by Iran a significant threat and will do everything possible to fight against them. The US will not stand for Iran’s terrorism. And why would they?

Trump’s Position on Iran

As Secretary of State Pompeo said, President Trump will not allow Iran to put the lives of Americans at risk. They will take action against the Islamic Republic of Iran whenever they need to in order to protect Americans. Although past presidents may not have been as strong in this regard, the current president is not going to fight terrorism lightly.

The rest of the world should not fight terrorism lightly either. It is clear what Iran’s goals are. They want to destroy democracy and the West, and they are not hiding it. There is no reason to ignore the threats. Ignoring Iran’s aggressive nature will only lead to more destruction.

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