BBC and Sky News lie about Christians in Bethlehem

by Leah Rosenberg

Do you want to know the truth about Christians in Bethlehem? Well, you definitely should not listen to BBC and Sky News then. They’ll just tell you lies.

Christians in Bethlehem

Christians in Bethlehem are decreasing in numbers. Why? Not because of Israel like the world wants you to believe. Not because of Jews. And not because of the Israeli government. It is not even because of Israel’s security fence, like BBC and Sky News want you to think.

The media wants you to believe it is Israel’s fault. They want you to believe that “the occupation” is responsible for Christian persecution. But the truth is that the Christian population in Bethlehem has decreased because of the Muslims! The Muslims persecute the Christians. If the media and the world really cared about the plight of Christians, they would share the truth. They would not demonize the Jewish state. Sadly, though, they do not care.

But in this video you can hear lie after lie. And then you can hear the truth; the facts. If you care about Christian persecution, and if you just care about people knowing the truth, then tell the world what is really happening in Bethlehem and Israel. Because the media won’t.

Debunking Media Lies
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