Brooklyn synagogue attacked on Jewish New Year

by Avi Abelow

A Brooklyn synagogue had its windows smashed with milk crates during services on the Jewish New Year. The antisemitic attacks in NYC have been incessant.

Brooklyn Synagogue Antisemitism

In one of the most recent antisemitic attacks in New York, criminals threw milk crates at the windows of a Brooklyn synagogue. Yes, criminals. People who are so low that they have nothing better to do than destroy a day of holiness for the Jewish people. People who have used their time for evil instead of good.

The Rivnitz synagogue in the Williamsburg neighborhood was in the middle of their prayers for the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashana. They were brutally disrupted. Rosh Hashana is a holy day. It is a joyous day. And what these people did to an innocent community is disturbing.

The Incessant Attacks

It has been one attack after the other. It seems never-ending. This attack was not the first one on a Brooklyn synagogue. Jews have been beaten in the streets. It is horrifying. People are scared to walk outside. How much longer can this go on for before a real change happens? How much longer can this go on for before New York’s leaders take a stand that actually is effective?

We are waiting.

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