Jim Jordan silenced the entire Congress with one question

by Leah Rosenberg

Jim Jordan laid everything on the table here. It is impossible to ignore what is wrong with America after watching this booming speech.

Jim Jordan Woke up America

There is talk about a “woke America.” It is nonsense. Americans who believe in this idea have done nothing positive for the country. They have not stopped racism or helped any issue the country is facing. No, they have done the opposite. They have increased hatred, crime, and racism. Many Democrats have allowed them to be tyrants and have encouraged them, as Jim Jordan pointed out in his speech.

Jordan ACTUALLY woke up America – at least hopefully. Hopefully he helped even one person see the flawed beliefs of those who believe in this “woke America” ideology. He did not try to be polite. He just wanted to get his point across. Sometimes, politeness doesn’t cut it. When America is destroying itself from within, your voice won’t be heard with a polite tone. All the other noise will drown you out. The truth has to be yelled right now because all the other noise is trying to block it out.

G-d or Protesters?

Congressman Jordan touched upon many important points, but one in particular is so crucial. Why are protesters allowed to disregard social distancing and masks, but people get citations for attending religious services or funerals for those they cared for? Something seems off. The law should be the law, and protesters should not get a free pass to loot businesses and be violent.

It is actually quite frightening the way even some government officials are trying to take G-d out of the picture right alongside BLM rioters.

Please, America. Do not wait until it is too late to fix what has been badly broken. Pick up the pieces now. Wake up, for real.

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