IDF Preparing For War In The North, Rushes Reinforcements

by Micha Gefen

While today’s explosion along the Israel-Syrian border was not connected to Hezbollah, a worried IDF has begun rushing reinforcements in expectation of a coming retaliation by Hezbollah.

As reported, the IDF killed a Hezbollah operative in Syria last week and now Hasan Nasrallah wants revenge.

Of course there is no way to know the level of response Hezbollah might take, the IDF is preparing for all sorts of scenarios including infiltration. Nasrallah himself needs to tread carefully if he is going to go through with attacking. By holding Israel accountable for attacking and killing one of his members he has almost guaranteed the need for a counter attack.

However, any attack could doom him. Israel has been attacking deeper and deeper into Syrian territory and even Iraq in order knock out Iranian installations. If Nasrallah is not careful he will end up in the same situation as Iranian counterpart Soleimani.

Although there is no guarantee that Hezbollah will attack, given the volatile state of the world, a mini-war – the kind that has been fought in the past cannot be ruled out.

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