Israel Strikes and Kills Hezbollah Fighter In Syria

by Micha Gefen

Ali Kamel Mohsin is the name of the Hezbollah fighter killed in Tuesday morning airstrikes in Syria.

With Iran’s new partnership with China taking hold, Israel sent a bold message to Iran Tuesday morning as it struck a Hezbollah member and his group within Damascus.

Hezbollah has already threatened retaliation in a slew of social media posts.

Statements that are attributed to Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah suggest that Israelis should expect a return attack. “There is fear and alertness in Israel,” Al-Mayadeen, a Hezbollah associated media reported.

This attack has been one of many attacking Iranian forward positions in Syria. More than that it come comes on the heels of a number high profile covert attacks attributed to Israel. These attacks have pushed back Iran’s nuclear program by two years.

With Iran preparing to retaliate against Israel for attacks on its nuclear programs, this morning’s attack appears to be aimed at attacking Iran first.

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