Gazan Imam praises COVID-19 for American deaths

by Leah Rosenberg

As the world tries to fight COVID-19 together, some people would rather mock the death that the illness has caused. Some have praised it.

Brainwashing with COVID-19

This Gazan Imam is sadly not alone in his beliefs. Some Imams have praised anything that harms America, Israel, and the Western World. They brainwash their followers to hate in whatever way they can. This time, an Imam used COVID-19 to praise the fact that Americans are dying.

How wrong is that? Using a world pandemic to praise the death of innocent people and those who have been affected by this virus? How can any leader do that?

Followers listen to their leaders, for the good and the bad. They sometimes even listen without thinking. It is frightening how much influence leaders can have on their people.

Children are Listening

Children are malleable. They hear ideas, and it affects them. And if they hear ideas enough, they fully believe them. Look at how the children in this video listen. They are soaking it all in. These children have been stripped of their childhood by the hateful ideology.

If we can’t personally change the lives of the children in this video, let’s at least change the lives of our own children. They are impressionable, and we have the power to spread the peace and love that exist in the world.

Imams Spreading Peace

Have all Imams been so vicious? Of course not!

Imams like Mohammad Tawhidi fight against the evil that his own religion has brought to the world. He supports America and Israel. Tawhidi is a brave individual who is a defender of freedom and Western values. Despite constant threats and backlash, he continues to do what he does, and he does it proudly.

If only there were more like him, the world would be a different place.

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