Life Sentence for Terrorist who Murdered My Friend Ari Fuld Doesn’t Cut It

by Avi Abelow

Israeli military court today finally sentenced the terrorist who murdered my friend Ari Fuld HY”D to a life sentence in jail. Ari was murdered by a terrorist back in Sept 2018 when he was out shopping at our local marketplace in the Gush Etzion area, outside Jerusalem. I was actually in touch with Ari minutes before he was stabbed in the back by this despicable terrorist, and murdered. 

The terrorist shouldn’t just be punished, because that will not deter other terrorists. His family should be expelled, yes expelled. That is the moral punishment that also acts as a true deterrent to stop other terrorists.

Unfortunately, Muslim terrorists almost never end up serving their full life sentences in Israeli jails, because they end up getting released in hostage swaps when our enemies kidnap IDF soldiers or civilians as bait for Israel to release terrorists from jail.

Outside the courtroom, today, Ari’s widow, Miriam, said, “Ari is our hero. He learned to defend the Land of Israel and the people of Israel on social media, in reserve duty and in hasbara, and we expect the court to protect him the way he protected the Land of Israel. Only life imprisonment is a worthy punishment to such a despicable act.”

Ari’s brother, Eitan Fuld, said that “under proper circumstances, this man would have been sentenced to death. The minimum of the minimum is that he will never again see the light of day. This man has destroyed a family and must sit behind bars until the end of his life.”

I hope that will be true. 

In the meantime, every terrorist who sits in jail receives a reward salary from the Palestinian Authority, in a program called pay-to-slay, because their salary is connected with the amount of innocent Israelis they murder. The more people they murder the bigger their monthly salary.

We must all hope and pray for leadership, in all of our countries, that will call out the enemy we are up against for what it truly is – EVIL. And then act appropriately to end that evil so that we can live in peace with those Arab Muslims amongst us who want to live in peace with us.

In the meantime, my heart and mind is with the family of my friend Ari Fuld.

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