Israeli Superman Overcomes Stabbing to Shoot Muslim Terrorist and Then Dies

by Avi Abelow

I’m devastated. My friend Ari Fuld was just murdered by a Muslim terrorist in the Judean Hills. He was a proud Jew and he will be remembered for the hero he was, in life and in death. The cowardly terrorist came from behind and stabbed Ari in the back destroying his main artery. Ari should have fallen on the spot. Instead, after Ari was stabbed, with superhuman powers, he turned around, ran after the terrorist and shot him. Ari then fell due to the stab wounds and was not able to be resuscitated by the emergency medical team that came to attend him. Ari’s heroic last act saved the lives of other potential victims. His heroism can be seen in the video below. This whole episode should never have happened, Ari should have been lying lifeless on the curb.

Ari Fuld

I grew up with Ari. We went to elementary school together, where his father was our Principal, one of the best. Today our families are friends and neighbors. We sit next to each other in synagogue, talking to one another every day. Like me, Ari was a passionate activist for Israel. Our daily discussions revolved around our activities for Israel and fighting for the truth. His strong voice for the truth about Israel is a huge loss. It is up to the rest of us to work even harder in spreading the truth, to make up for the loss of his daily voice.

It is hard for me to fathom that I will no longer see his daily facebook live videos. However, we will make sure that the videos he has made over the years continue to be seen by the world.

Ari was a Lion

Ari is the Hebrew word for lion and Ari was a lion. A fighter for the truth about Israel online in his daily life and a true warrior for Israel on the battlefield as well, when he served in the IDF.

Ari’s message always was returning the narrative to a narrative of truth! There never was a palestinian people. There never was a state called palestine. Israel is not an occupier. Israel is the Jewish homeland. We built the Temple. The Muslims built the Dome of the Rock on top of our Temple, so who came first? It was the Muslims who came later by conquest and then occupied our Jewish land. This was Ari’s message in every day of his Israel advocacy. Returning the narrative to be one of truth, not one of lies, spewed unfortunately by the media, and even many Jewish and Israeli leaders who do not fight the lies of “palestine.”

We all have to be Ari Fulds now. We all must stand up strong for the truth. Do not be afraid to voice the truth against the politically correct lies that delegitimize the Jewish right to our homeland. We all must now be Ari Fulds. That is the best thing we can do in his memory, to keep his voice alive!

My Announcement about Ari’s Death to His Global Following

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