Ambassador Friedman visits Jerusalem’s marketplace – and you’ll never believe why

by Leah Rosenberg

Ambassador Friedman did not just produce a simple Jewish New Year video with wishes for peace and happiness.  He went out to the Shuk – the Jerusalem marketplace – bought a jar of honey and some apples and made a blessing for the New Year with his wife.

What a Difference

What a breath of fresh air to see the United States Ambassador in Jerusalem – in the heart of Jerusalem.  Perhaps this will turn into a yearly ritual.  Ambassador Friedman has become a loved personality on the local Israeli scene.  He is correctly seen as the closest representative of President Trump who many in Jerusalem openly love.  The decision to move the embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem is not a minor decision.  It is a historic decision.  It may seem like a minor symbolic decision, but it is much more than that.  The move means so much to the residents of Jerusalem.  It displays the reality that the United States accepts the centrality of Israel’s eternal capital of Jerusalem.

President Trump’s Advisers

There are many who support President Trump’s policies and many who oppose his policies.  But one thing is clear about this President.  He has surrounded himself with a cadre of pro-Israel advisers.  For all who support Israel, this is a very comforting situation.  Following years of open hostility between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu, it is so enjoyable to see the group of people who have President’s Trump on Israel.  Ambassador Friedman serves as the #1 point man in Israel and he has a perfectly stellar pro-Israel record.  He was known as a philanthropist who supported Israel for decades before he was pegged for the job.

We wish him well and continued success in his position.



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