The story of the hero who almost stopped the 9/11 attacks

by Leah Rosenberg

Danny Lewin was an American born Israeli.  He was a young hi-tech billionaire, a family man, and an Israeli special forces soldier.  He also almost stopped 9-11 from happening.  Danny Lewin is a true hero.

Amazing Life

Danny Lewin grew up in the USA and moved to Israel as a teenager.  In college, his genius became known in the Technion.  Later on, he studied for his PHD at MIT University.  He was one of the main people who pioneered the speeding up of the entire internet.  It used to be a slow dial-up connection that required alot of patience to use.  Danny was the co-founder and Chief Technological Officer of Akamai Techhnologies which basically sped up the internet enormously.  He was happily married and had two young boys and was on a business trip on the morning of Sept. 11th, 2001.

Fighting the Terrorists

On the morning of 9-11-2001, Danny Lewin took off along with the other passengers on American Airlines Flight #11.  He sat in business class right nearby the lead terrorists.  When the first two terrorists rushed the cockpit, Danny jumped into action. The flight recordings clearly indicate this.  He most probably tackled them and stopped them in their tracks.  But, there were more terrorists in back of him and they killed Danny.  He thus became the first victim of 9-11.  Danny was just 31 years old.  He had done so much in his short life, but he will always be remembered as the one person who almost stopped 9-11.

Danny Lewin is a Jewish American-Israeli hero for all time.

Arab Incitement
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