Banned by Twitter for Tweeting that Muslims are Raping Girls in Britain

by Avi Abelow

Censorship on social media continues.   This time, Twitter banned a UK political leader who mentioned that Muslims are raping British girls.


Anne Marie Waters, the leader of the British party “For Britain”, was permanantly banned by Twitter because she tweeted facts. “For Britain” is a British political party that is very vocal against Sharia law and the dangers of Islam to British society. This is Waters’ tweet that got her banned:

Waters states two facts:

1. Muslims are raping girls in the British city of Rotherham.

2. The police are spending more effort going after people for what they are tweeting than the Muslim rapists.

Facts or Hate Speech?

One can agree or disagree with the facts that Waters’ states in her tweets. But Twitter banned her for hate speech.

Unfortunately, to state facts about the evil done by Muslims is forbidden on Twitter.  So they banned her account permanently.

As Waters’ noted in the video above, she was “getting rather tired of being attacked for pointing out obvious truths.”

Background to Tweet

Waters’ tweet was prompted by a South Yorkshire police tweet that asked people to “report non-crime hate incidents, which can include things like offensive or insulting comments, online, in person or in writing.”

The police chief later claimed on a radio show that victims of a Muslim woman who ran around a town center with a machete screaming “kill, kill, kill!” were only equally as traumatized as ethnic minorities who had their feelings hurt by mean online comments in the days after the attack.

Police Priorities

This outraged Waters. The police chief himself admitted that he cares more about hurtful content/comments than he cares about the rapes and violence of Muslims. She tweeted that outrage on Twitter and as a result, Twitter banned her.

“I was thrown off Twitter for saying that Muslims rape girls in Rotherham,” Waters said in a Gab post. “But the police care more about tweets. So, just to repeat, Muslims are raping girls in Rotherham but the police care more about tweets.”

Anne Marie Waters

Anne Marie Waters is a very unique person in the British political landscape. She is a lesbian feminist who was an active member of the UK Labour party.  She actually ran on a Labour ticket back in 2010.

Today, Waters is the director of Sharia Watch UK, and the founder and leader of the “For Britain” political party.

“For Britain” promises to “ban the burqa as a security threat” and “end all unofficial practice of Sharia Law.”

Waters, originally from Dublin, describes herself as “passionately, loyally, resolutely and proudly British.”

Waters on Antisemitism

Social Media Censorship

This censorship by social media is a growing phenomenon, on Twitter, Facebook and Google properties.

Accounts, videos, and pages that go against “progressive” values  are often censored or shut down.  The leadership of these social media companies simply don’t want to “push” these values.  Another tactic they use is to demonetize those pages as a part of a greater effort to silence them.

Many pro-Israel social media accounts have also been hit very hard.  Basically, anyone who is vocal and calls out the evil within Islam is in danger of censorship.

We can not be silent about this growing social media censorship.

We Must All Stand Against the Growing Online Censorship by Social Media Companies. Click to Sign the Petition.

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