What Hebron really means to the Jewish people

by Leah Rosenberg

Hebron, the ancient Jewish city, is in Judea and Samaria. And the world wants to say that it doesn’t belong to the Jewish people? Nonsense!

Hebron and the Jewish people

Hebron is one of the holiest cities in Israel. The others are Jerusalem, Tiberias, and Safed. The Jewish people hold these cities dear to their hearts.

Hebron is more than just a city. It is the city where our forefathers and foremothers are buried (aside from Rachel who is buried in Bethlehem). It was David’s capital before the Jewish people conquered Jerusalem and King David declared Jerusalem as capital.

It is ancient. It is spiritual.

And it belongs to the Jewish people.

The world claims that the Jews stole Hebron from the Arabs. But that is just absurd. The Jews did not steal their own land. That makes absolutely no sense. The world likes to call Judea and Samaria “The West Bank” because that takes away the age-old connection the Jews have to that part of Israel. But the Jewish people know that their roots are in Hebron. It is a city filled with rich Jewish history; Biblical history. The city of the Patriarchs.

“Palestinian” terrorists have tried to keep Jews out of their holy city. They have carried out multiple attacks. They slaughtered men, women, and children in the 1929 Hebron Massacre. But the Jews are not going anywhere. The Jewish nation is strong and will never give up their holy land that G-d gave them. It is time that the Arabs and the world accepted that.

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