Did China really just say that to the US at the UN Human Rights Council?

by Leah Rosenberg

The UN Human Rights Council needs to change. To have a dictatorship like China chastise the US about human rights is beyond absurd.

The UN Human Rights Council

The UN Human Rights Council, or the UNHRC, is one big joke. The fact that China is telling the United States of America, a free and democratic country, how to improve on human rights is almost laughable. If this wasn’t such a serious issue, it would be funny.

But abusing human rights is a serious issue. And so it is not funny. It is quite sad. It shows how absurd the UN really is. Why is China even on the UNHRC? They have one of the worst human rights records! The UNHRC mocks human rights by having countries like China on their council.

The list that China gave here about the US is full of lies. China makes it seem like the US is a tyrannical government. They know the US represents freedom. China is well aware of the truth. And they are happy to lie and be given a platform in the UN to do so.

Everything that China claimed about the United States is really about themselves. It is as if they took a list of their human rights issues and projected it onto others.

And it is just wrong.

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