Watch This Amazing Speech and Learn What Jewish Courage is All About

by Phil Schneider

“I’m a Jew because I have no patience for leaders who speak and tweet boldly but fail to take the actions necessary to protect our community.” – a jab at Trump?

“I’m a Jew because I do not stand for partisan hacks who claim that anti-semitism is the exclusive domain of their political opponents”

“I’m a Jew because I oppose leaders who believe they can fight Jew hatred while making political alliances with anti-semites” – Linda Sarsour? Ilhan Oman? Louis Farakhan? Anti-Israel movements allying with antisemitic SJP?

“I’m a Jew because the hatred of us has no color, no class, no politics and is of every language” – nice!

“I’m a Jew because Jews do not cause Jew-hatred, ever – wrong, anti-Israel Jews enable the growth of Jew-hatred.”

“Force far greater than Jew-hatred, the force of who we are. The Jewish people were not put on earth to be anti anti-semites. We were put on earth to be Jews. ” – YES! Yet many Jews are only Jewish because there are anti anti-semites. 

The main reason why so many Jews who have little religious orientation still stay somewhat connected to Judaism is due to anti-semitism. This is not a new phenomenon. It was like this in nearly every country that the Jewish people lived in and assimilated into the culture that they lived in. Even when things went really well, the anti-semitic sentiments somehow always came to the fore at some point. Germany was an excellent place to be a Jew in the decades before the rise of Nazism. Poland had millions of Jews living in their midst because it was so good to live there. But it all came crushing down during World War II. Most people who live in the United States today believe that anti-semitism is a major issue, but they don’t think that it can spin out of control in the United States. They are wrong. It can spin out of control anywhere – especially if a major economic downturn were to occur. If you’re not convinced, then search for the talkbacks that happened after one corrupt Jewish banker, Madoff, was exposed. In a matter of days and weeks, the Jewish side of Mr. Madoff became the target of thousands of tirades.

It’s time that people who are Jews by name only search and discover the real nature of their Judaism, and not only deal with the issue once anti-semites remind them of their heritage.

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