President Trump Invites Netanyahu to White House in Shocking Turn of Events

by Avi Abelow

A comedy of errors might lead to a huge step forward for Israel! Unbelievable!!!

I forgot to mention perhaps the biggest “error” that is part of this story!

The only reason Netanyahu was able to even announce that he would bring this up for a vote this week in the Knesset is because the Blue & White anti-Bibi camp forced Yuli Edelstein, the speaker of the Knesset, to convene the Knesset to deal with Netanyahu’s legal issues. The Knesset normally is not supposed to have any sessions now because it is in election mode. Yet, it is convening because of the anti-Bibi crusade of Blue & White. Had Blue & White not pressured to convene the Knesset then Bibi wouldn’t be able to bring it up now and President Trump would not be inviting PM Netanyahu to DC!

Now that is hysterical! Blue & White pressured for the Knesset plenum in order to hurt Netanyahu, and his election results, and instead it might be what ends up saves Netanyahu and his election results!

Did I say comedy of errors??? What a show!

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