Watch: The moment the Iron Dome intercepted Hamas rockets over Southern Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

The Iron Dome is G-d’s hand protecting Israelis from Hamas rockets. There is always a threat from Gaza, and we must be thankful that this technology exists. This is from a few days ago.

The Iron Dome

It would be much nicer if there was no reason for the Iron Dome. But Hamas is still a threat. They are constantly trying to kill innocent Israeli civilians. They have been firing rockets at Israel for countless years. And so, the Iron Dome is a necessity.

Hamas terrorists have sent over fire balloons and explosive kites. They have tried to infiltrate Israel’s border on a number of occasions.

How can the world possibly believe that Israel should make any concessions to terrorists? If this was any other country, no one would question responding to terrorism with force. But anything Israel does to protect itself is questioned by the rest of the world.

Can you imagine living under the threat of rocket fire? What would you want your leadership to do? Imagine your children going to sleep at night not knowing if they will be woken up to a red alert siren telling them a rocket is coming. Just imagine. And now understand that this is the reality for many Israelis.

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