Jews Attacked BY BLM, Is It Time To Leave The USA?

by Micha Gefen

Let’s face it, as the carnage and unrest on America’s streets continues to spiral out of control, Jews are increasingly targeted in hate crimes.

All of this was unimagenable a few years ago as America was deemed a safe haven for the Jewish people. However, as the BLM riots attest, Jews are no longer safe in America.

Many inner city communities of African Americans have either turned towards Islam or taken to an Hebraic-African fusion, which blends racist undertones into their ideology. Make no mistake, this sort of intersectionality between Black grievences and the need to target Jews is solidifying.

By no means do I suggest that all Black Americans think this way, but inner city and uneducated African Americans who are easily swayed due to their economic and cultural hardships have been pulled into an anti-semitic frenzy.

So is it safe for Jews in America anymore?

Apparently not, as the ghosts of Kristellnacht are alive and well on the streets of America’s cities.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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