Democrat Strategy Is Backfiring – Will Trump Win?

by Micha Gefen

Everyone admits, including the Biden campaign that the polls are way off and the election is very tight. This is why the Democrat strategy was to create chaos with mail in voting in order to call into question the results of the election.

The Supreme Court has now ruled against Wisconsin’s request for a mail in ballot extension. Democrats in that state are urging voters to vote in person. This is the complete opposite to what they were hoping.

By creating chaos with mail in ballots, the Democrats were hoping to at least call into question Trump’s legitimacy if he won or create enough problems that electors for the electoral college would be kept from reporting by the late December deadline thus throwing the entire system into a political emergency.

The above may still happen but not in Wisconsin. Whoever wins on Tuesday, the real results may still take time as lawsuits are expected from both sides where states have a small margin of victory.

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