The IDF project that’s dedicated to saving the planet

by Leah Rosenberg

The IDF does more than you think. Israel’s army protects its borders and its people, but it also protects the Earth. They are saving the planet!

The IDF is Saving the Planet

This is amazing that the IDF has a project dedicated to saving the planet. Israel does not only care about itself. The IDF protects its borders and its civilians from terrorism and threats, but they also dedicate themselves to keeping the environment clean. Israel cares about the environment.

So many people try to bring Israel down. They want to destroy the Jewish state. If they believe what they believe because they are antisemitic, then you cannot change their mind with the truth. But if they are just uninformed, then they should know what Israel does for the world. People should know that Israel works to save the planet. People should know that Israel wants the world to be a better place – both in terms of safety for people and also safety for the environment. The IDF does not only work to protect human life, but it work to protect animal life, plant life, and more.

If people just knew the truth and the facts, maybe they would start standing up for Israel instead of demonizing it.

Maybe if people knew the facts, college campuses would stop being infiltrated by antisemitic hate groups who are trying to destroy the Jewish state.


But for now, Israel will continue protecting itself. Israel will continue to be a light in a region of darkness.

And Israel will continue to save planet Earth.

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