Watch: Naftali Bennett Boldly Tells Off CNN in Must-See Interview

by Phil Schneider

The CNN channel started off it’s coverage of the Arab massacre of more than 1,000 Israeli civilians on Oct. 7th with more pro-Israel reporting than it almost ever had featured. Erin Burnett reported in a responsible and serious manner. That shows that in order for Israel to receive positive reporting from CNN, it needs to allow itself to be massacred.

Soon after, CNN went right back to their decades-old habit of blaming the Jews. The Gaza hospital bombing by Hamas, and the ensuing blaming of Israel is not a new concept. It’s been the norm for many years. It is actually an effective tool used by Hamas terrorists in order to gain a PR advantage against Israel.

The terrorists knows good and well that Hamas has collaborators who will ask in a seemingly innocent way of Israel, to respond to accusations by Hamas of the bombing being an intentional hit by Israel.

Bennett hit it on the nose when he compared the 9/11 attack to the hit on the Gaza hospital.; Would CNN air accusations that the 9/11 attack was an intentional hit by Americans on the Twin Towers. There were those who argued that. But, fake news is only aired on CNN when it villifies Israel.

CNN has too many reporters that parrot the same old anti-Israel lines. It will only change when they clean out most of their employees and start over with a clear dedication to reporting the news and not inventing the news.

To say that Israel bombs Arab hospitals is a vicious lie. However, CNN should be lauded for allowing interviews with those who question the legiitmacy of CNN’s reporting. Other outlets reported the lies, and did not retract at all. They just ignored the issue and moved on as if nothing happened.


Conrad November 6, 2023 - 1:45 am

Money coming from oil is really spreading across europe and america. What place on earth that can see people are adoring barbaic terroris hamas. Evil is slowly achieving its goal, may GOD of Israel will prevail and defeat all its enemies. Shalom People of Israel and Hashem bless and protect IDF.

Conrad November 6, 2023 - 1:50 am

Never Again Israel and protect your country at all cost. Stay United Israel because you are strong and mighty if you are all United. Again never trust your enemy. Shalom and May Hashem Bless You All Always.

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