Timeless Advice From 100 Year Old Holocaust Survivor

by Leah Rosenberg

It’s truly remarkable to hear such positive advice from a Holocaust survivor. Everyone needs to hear what he said here.

Must-Hear Advice from Holocaust Survivor

When you hear advice like this from a 100 year old Holocaust survivor, how can you not listen? This man went through Hell on Earth. We cannot fathom the horrors he experienced. And yet, he still came out believing in G-d. Even through the Holocaust, he believed that maybe tomorrow would be a brighter day. He said, “I used to say to myself: I may have a bad day today, but I hope tomorrow will be a better day.” What a remarkable thing to feel during one of the darkest times in Jewish history.

To have that mindset in general can be hard. Even when things go only slightly wrong one day, we sometimes catastrophize. But if a man like Joseph Alexander who survived the horrifying actions of the barbaric Nazis can come out still being positive, it is most definitely incumbent upon us to try to have his perspective.

Have faith. Stay positive. Don’t give up. We can’t understand G-d’s ways. But knowing that He is in control is comforting. We have to do our part that is in our control. And the rest is up to G-d. He knows what He’s doing. He has a masterplan.

As long as we are following G-d and His commandments, we are standing on the right side of history. And those who are standing on the wrong side of history will ultimately lose.

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