Holocaust Survivor’s TikTok Clips go Viral with More Than a Million Followers

by Leah Rosenberg

How often do you hear about a Holocaust survivor with a TikTok page? Well, this Holocaust Survivor’s TikTok clips went viral. Check out why.

Holocaust Survivor’s TikTok Clips go Viral

This is amazing to see. Media can be used for the bad and the good. It can be used to spread lies or to share the truth. TikTok has definitely been a platform that has been misused. But this Holocaust Survivor’s TikTok page has been used for the good – to educate about the Holocaust; to share the truth about what happened.

It is heartwarming to see that Lily Ebert has so many followers who want to hear what she has to say. With so much Holocaust denial in the world, stories like this one bring back hope to humanity. It reminds the world that there are good people who want to learn about the Holocaust. And for those who are trying to bring Lily and her great-grandson done, this strong Holocaust survivor and her progeny always come back with more light and more education. The hate doesn’t bring them down, it makes them stronger. It makes them want to fight back and bring more truth into the world by sharing more videos.

Hopefully, we will soon live in a world where social media platforms are only used for the good. In the meantime, may Lily and her great-grandson be blessed to live and be well and to continue sharing the truth about the Holocaust with all those who are willing to listen!

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