Jewish Store Owner Fights Back Against Drunk Man Threatening Restaurant

by Leah Rosenberg

It’s not easy being a Jewish store owner these days with all the antisemitic attacks. But if no one will defend us, we will defend ourselves.

Jewish Store Owner Defends Himself and Customers

After an intoxicated person walked into a kosher eatery in Connecticut, the Jewish store owner stood up to fight back. He defended himself, his customers, and his restaurant. It is sad that nowadays, in 2022, Jewish-owned stores, businesses, restaurants, and more are under attack. Jews are being threatened physically and psychologically. Whether it is graffiti, hate mail, or physically assaulting Jews and causing damage to property, antisemitic attacks are on the rise.

But the world needs to know that the Jewish people are strong; that the Jewish people will defend themselves. The world needs to know that there are those who try to push down the Jewish people, but they will never stay down. They always get back up. They can never be defeated.

Although the Jewish people are strong and cannot be defeated, people should still be standing up and stop it – Jews and non-Jews alike.

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