WATCH: Hezbollah Shoots Missiles At Haifa – 7 Soldiers Injured In The North

by David Mark

There were 23 injuries in events on the Lebanon border and northern Israel since the morning. As of the writing of this article six civilians and seven soldiers injured from ATGM attacks on Dovev and Menara. There were 10 injuries from rocket impacts in the afternoon.

Israel’s north continues to heat up as Hezbollah has become more and more aggressive. Today’s attacks, while not the doomsday event many are fearing when they speak about 10s of thousands of rockets slamming into Israel, still had the feel of a few more steps to an open war as Haifa can be seen as a serious redline.

With more and more injuries occurring on the northern front, Israel can little afford to be held hostage by Hezbollah and will more than likely act in order to decimate Hezbollah once and for all.

In connection to the incident in Dovev and Manara earlier today medics and paramedics are providing medical treatment and bringing the injured to Ziv Hospital in Sefad. Altogether there are 10 wounded with shrapnel and head injuries. including: two in moderate condition, an 80-year-old man and a 49-year-old man, and 8 injured in light condition.

With the increase in attacks in the North, it appears it is only a matter of time before as Israel’s Defense Minister says Beirut is turned into Gaza City.

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