CNN Anchor Finally Gets it Right on Israel and Hamas

by Phil Schneider

Even CNN has some anchors with some common sense who don’t just parrot the same old anti-Israel cliches following the massacre on October 7th. While Wolf Blitzer and other anchors were preparing anti-Israel questions about proportional response that basically amount to attacks on Israel, Jake Tapper at least had the decency to ask pro-Hamas spokesmen, “What did you expect?”

It really is that simple. When you plan for a few years, and send a few thousand terrorists into your neighbors towns and cities, and massacre every Jew you see on the street – man, woman, boy, girl, and even babies and grandmothers – you have signed your own death warrant.

The entire Gaza Strip is one massive terror state. Every cent that was sent to the Gaza Strip for “humanitarian purposes” was used to destroy humanity. Hundreds of millions of dollars were all used to build hundreds of tunnels and an underground bunker system – just like the Germans did in World War II. Yes, it’s the same thing.

These sub-humans who chopped off heads of Jewish children do not deserve to see the light of day. The Arab children have only one hope for a brighter future – the Israeli Army. If these Arab children are raised by their barbaric parents – yes, the wives too – they will grow up to be barbarians like their parents. The only hope for these children is for them to be moved into a different culture that does not educate, award, and idolize jihadists.

The Gaza Strip is not the only place where this exists. It exists all across Judea and Samaria in areas that are dominated by the Palestinian Authrority. Many, but not all, Israelis have stopped fooling themselves about the nature of the Palestinian Authority. The Arabs in Ramallah, Shechem, Jenin, Tulkarm, and Jericho are basically no different. But the few moderate Arabs who are a clear minority have a somwhat better chance of not being radicalized, if Israel is in control.

The most important solution is for Israel to not only be in charge of everywhere in Judea and Samaria – from the river to the sea – but also to be in charge of the textbooks. To the extent that Israel does not control the inflow of weapons into Judea and Samaria, and young Arabs are indoctrinated to look up to Jihadists, the future with the Arabs is bleak.

But since October 7th, the great wakeup is occurring. If we don’t make the fundamental changes necessary in Judea and Samaria and disarm all Arab terrorists, we will have to ask ourselves what Jake Tapper properly asked, “What did you expect?”

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