WATCH: Hezbollah Attacks Northern Israel, Injuring Multiple Civilians

by David Mark

Hezbollah has targeted Israeli civilians with an anti-tank missile in Dovev, Israel. There are several Israelis wounded, some seriously.

Attacks between Hezbollah and IDF have increasingly gotten more and more intense and aggressive as the war in Gaza has progressed. The IAF has flown increased sorties and taken out numerous terrorists and infrastructure in response to Hezbollah’s increased shelling of Israeli communities in the North.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant made it clear to Hezbollah that it makes a mistake, Israel will turn Beirut into what Gaza City has become. In response to the attack on Dovev, the IDF hit back with artillery. Residents in the surrounding area as far south as Baram have been asked to shelter in place.

In addition, IDF forces recently attacked a launch squad that planned to fire from a civilian area in Lebanese territory.

Also, an IDF remotely piloted aircraft attacked during the night a terrorist squad that tried to launch anti-tank missiles towards Israeli territory near the Metula area.

With attacks exponentially growing in both amount and severity, citizens are already wondering what Gallant’s redline for a preemptive strike will be. Most observers believe that the IDF is hoping to keep the current situation in the north to a simmer while heavy fighting continues to rage in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. While this may be the ideal strategy, Hezbollah and their Iranian backers have no intention of waiting around for Israel to finish off Hamas. The only chance the Iranian axis has of defeating Israel is to launch a multi-front war and that appears what they plan on doing.

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