Watch DeSantis Rip Apart Trump on the Ben Shapiro Show

by Phil Schneider

Gov. DeSantis admits that his Twitter announcement brought down the Twitter systems and was not smooth sailing. But he skillfully moved very quickly into promoting his positions and track record in Florida and avoiding his non-successful kickoff.

DeSantis has laid out his plans for attacking Donald Trump. He wants to place himself to the right of Donald Trump in the primaries and then will take a turn towards the center if he wins the primaries. DeSantis is correct in claiming that he did a better job in Florida than Trump did in dealing with covid. But that is an example of hindsight. Running the United States during Covid was much more complicated than running a State. However, his tactic of connecting Donald Trump with Anthony Fauci is a wise tactic, even if it is not exactly true that President Trump gave in to Dr. Fauci at all times.

As far as crime issues in Florida, Ron DeSantis will have an easier time to defend his record even though some counties in Florida have crime issues. In general, crime in Florida – as opposed to many other states – is indeed NOT out of control. That is why so many people from Florida and New York have moved to Florida – and are happier there.

Ben Shapiro is one of the tens of thousands of Californians who have moved to Florida in order to not have homeless people on his lawn and not see his taxes grow exponentially. So, DeSantis will always like being interviewed by Ben Shapiro. Ron DeSantis is indeed the major obstacle for Donald Trump’s reelection. But Ron DeSantis should not make the mistake of underestimating Donald Trump like so many others have. Donald Trump knows how to steal the limelight and energize his base better than nearly any other candidate in recent memory.

Donald Trump will have to fight off DeSantis’ main line, “Woke goes to Florida to die.” That is a winner line that may be more powerful than “Make America Great Again Again.”

It will be an interesting summer.

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