Famous Songwriter of “Jerusalem of Gold” Gave the Greatest Response to the Left

by Leah Rosenberg

Naomi Shemer wrote the famous song Yerushalayim Shel Zahav, or Jerusalem of Gold. How could she be criticized for her beautiful words?

Jerusalem of Gold and the Jewish People

Israel is the Jewish homeland. If people cannot understand that, they should read some history and learn a bit about the past. Sadly, many people cannot fathom that Jerusalem and Israel belong to the Jewish people and that without the Jewish people, Israel is desolate. It is spiritually and physically desolate unless the Jewish people are there. Jerusalem of Gold is one of the most famous songs about Israel. But did you realize that some people actually criticized Naomi Shemer for writing this stunning poetry?

Her response in this video is perfect. She nailed it. Shemer calmly explained to the world what so many seem to be blind to.

Everyone should listen to Naomi Shemer here. Her words are powerful. She got the point across. Shemer is someone who knows how to use words to inspire others.

Listen to Jerusalem of Gold again. Don’t you wonder how people can twist that song to make it seem negative? Don’t you wonder how anyone can choose to use it against the Jewish people instead of being inspired by the yearning of the Jewish nation for its ancient homeland? It’s sad that there are those who see this song as offensive. What a shame that people can’t see the truth! Let’s pray that G-d opens their eyes to the beauty of Israel and the Jewish people.

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