Shocking: The Biden Admin Has Ignored This Massive Threat

by Phil Schneider

The threat from Iran began in the 1980’s. Iran had previously been one of the most Westernized and modern countries in the Middle East. But when the Ayatollahs took over, radical Islam took hold in one of the most critical countries in the region.

Iran has money because of Russian collusion, feckless American foreign policy, and huge natural resources. But, if Iran were properly guarded via tough sanctions, they would not be able to fund terror activities outside of it’s borders. They would have to use most of their resources towards staying in power.

Looking back on the Obama administration, one of the worst mistakes was the non-support of the Obama administration to the Iranian protesters. Most of Iran does not support the radical Islamic State. But the radical Islamists are in charge and they keep a tight stranglehold on the majority that wishes to depose them.

When tens of thousands of Iranian protesters came to the streets, they hoped that at least it would lead to sanctions against Iran from Western countries. But President Obama kept a low profile and a stiff upper lip. That was exactly the wrong response and it led to the protesters realizing that they did not truly have a friend in the West.

Iran is the #1 world exporter of terror. The keys to stopping them are tough sanctions backed up by a credible military threat. Netanyahu has repeated this mantra endlessly and he is 100% right.

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