US State Department Shocks Reporter with Truth, Fully Supporting Israel’s Defensive Attacks on Gaza

by Avi Abelow

Israeli attacks on Gaza are totally supported by President Trump’s State Department. In the words of the US State Department spokeswomen “We condemn the launching of missile attacks into Israel and fully support Israel’s right to defend itself and to take actions to prevent provocations of that nature.” There is no question, Hamas is the aggressor that launched over 180 rockets on Israel, unprovoked. Israel has every right to retaliate and attack. The Gazans are lucky that Israel is not Russia, Syria, or Iran. They all would have carpet-bombed all of Gaza in minutes, killing almost everyone. Yet Israel is extremely careful to not kill innocents.  So we hold back and don’t retaliate, as every other nation in the world would have.


Israel should retaliate against Hamas in a more forceful way to totally destroy Hamas and remove all of their capabilities from launching rockets in the future. The question is why does Israel consider a ceasefire instead?

There are three possible reasons.

First, while Hamas’ attacks from Gaza are harmful and dangerous, they are nothing compared to the danger from Iran on Israel’s Northern border. Israel fears that attacks on Gaza to hurt Hamas, supported by Iran, in Gaza, will give Iran a reason to give Hizbullah a green light to launch 150,000 missiles in Lebanon aimed at Israel. While also activating their proxies in Syria to attack Israel as well. One day Israel will have to take care of all of these threats, but the Government might think that now is NOT the best time to do that.

Reason number two might have to do with the plans that the US administration is working on. Recently, the Trump administration has reneged on their initial plan to give funding to rebuild Gaza, and instead, they are now working on a plan to stop recognizing millions of Arabs in Gaza as refugees, because according to the UN definition, they are NOT refugees. These are probably part of a bigger US plan on moving forward with Gaza and the Palestinian Authority. The Israeli government might be wary about a big military operation, with massive attacks on Gaza, so as not to ruin the big plan that the US is working on, that will solve many of the overall issues as well, without military intervention.

A third reason is that the Israeli government knows that the media, and foreign governments, will crucify Israel for any civilians killed in Gaza. Any military action will bring about some deaths to civilians, and that then turns the tide of public sympathy to Hamas, creating vast diplomatic pressure on Israel. While Hamas is still 100% responsible for all Gazan deaths brought about by Israeli incursions, still Israel does its best to stay away from such scenarios because of the inevitable anti-Israel headlines and pressure it generates.

Israelis are Fed Up with “Ceasefires”

Regardless, Israelis are fed up with rockets being launched on our country with the government NOT destroying Hamas and stopping them from ever being able to do this as well.

At the same time Israelis are sick of the biased and anti-Israel media that creates headlines that place all the blame on Israel.

Horrible Headlines

Thankfully, the Trump administration understands the true situation, that Hamas is 100% to blame for the violence, while giving full support to Israel.

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