Dutch Politician Gang Raped for Fighting Islam Leaves Chilling Message Before Committing Suicide

by Avi Abelow

Dutch politician, Willie Dillie, committed suicide to save her family. This is the result of a progressive society that prefers to defend Islam instead of defending the many victims of Islam. Islam is an intolerant culture. It is not a religion. Despite the numerous cases of gang rapes by Muslims, death threats to those who fight against the evils in Islam, and more intolerance, progressives are silent about the evils in Islam. This Dutch politician finally took her own life because she did not feel protected by her own government and no longer wanted to endanger her family.

A Tragedy

This video message is chilling. It is the message of a woman who was let down by her own government, her own people, her own culture. Her suicide should be a wake-up call to the Western world taking in millions of Muslim immigrants and illegal migrants. While it is wonderful to be a welcoming society, it is suicidal to ignore the cultural changes that the mass arrival of Muslims are having on Western countries they now live in.

Not All Muslims

No, not all Muslims are bad. Not all Muslims believe in jihad, subjugating infidels or are intolerant of non-Muslims. Not all Muslims want to move to Western countries in order to culturally destroy them and instead turn them into part of the Islamic caliphate. But hundreds of millions of Muslims do believe in all that. And they also now live in Holland, the USA, Canada, Britain, Australia etc.


The true travesty? Thousands of Muslims left their Muslim countries in the Middle East and Africa to escape Shariah law and the intolerance of Islam. Yet, Western governments are also not protecting them from the evils of Islam that they tried to escape from.

Problem with Islam

The West has a problem with Islam. The biggest problem is that the progressive Western countries are denying a problem exists. The ones who suffer are victims of Islam, Muslims and non-Muslims, like Willie Dillie.

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