US State Department Attempts To Minimize The Abraham Accords

by David Mark

The Biden administration is attempting to minimize the importance of the Abraham Accords, the landmark agreement signed between Israel and Bahrain and the UAE by dropping the name Abraham Accords and just referring to them transactionally as “normalization agreements.”

With such a tremendous breakthrough, why does the Biden administration seem adverse to calling it by its proper name?

The Abraham Accords is far more than a set of normalization agreements. It is a reversal of decades of American foreign policy when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian-Arab conflict. The going assumption had always been that in oder to solve the broader Israel-Arab conflict one must first solve the “palestinian” issue.

This inversion forced a false narrative on the region and allowed conflict to continue. Conflict gave rise to a false need for American involvement in the region. However, this created a constant stream of capital for the Military Industrial Complex (MIC). The financial incentive, backed by an adoption of the “palestinian” narrative cut off other avenues to peace.

The Abraham Accords shattered the “palestinian” narrative and replaced it with peace based on a shared biblical destiny and indigenous relationship with the region. It was and is ultimately an acceptance of Jewish rights in the Middle East as a nation and people.

For the Biden team this is tantamount to heresy. The Abraham Accords calls into question most of the opinions of the so called “experts” and challenges framework many people around the world assumed was the correct one.

The State Department’s minimization of the accords is a shallow attempt at saving face for decades of incorrectly reading the Middle East. Yet, most people appear to be ready to move forward and adopt the new paradigm.

The Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Israel, Muhammad Al-Hajah, landed for the first time at Ben Gurion Airport and said: “Today is a historic day, I landed on Etihad’s first commercial flight to Israel.”

“This is the first flight from Abu Dhabi to Tel Aviv. Fly Dubai has already flown here, and soon also Emirates and Arabia.” He added in Hebrew: “I am happy to be here.”

The UAE’s ambassador is just one of many.

The Biden team can either adopt the new reality or be left behind.

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