Islamic Nationalist Attacks Cops on Capitol Hill

by Leah Rosenberg

This Capitol Hill attack is tragic as one officer was left dead and one in the hospital. And what did the media say?

Capitol Hill Attack

This is just tragic. The recent attack on Capitol Hill killed one American veteran and injured another officer. Billy Evans, the officer who was killed, was a hero and a dedicated father. All who knew him are deeply mourning the loss.

A man rammed his car into the officers. Who was this man? An Islamic Nationalist. The media originally heavily reported the attacker as a White Supremacist. And once they found out the truth, they ignored his identity and focused on gun control instead. This man, Noah Green, supported people like Louis Farrakhan, one of the most vile men in the world. It doesn’t go along with their narrative of White Supremacy being the biggest threat to America, so the media no longer cares.

But the truth is clear: Another American was murdered by radical Islam. And the other victim of the attack is in the hospital. Will the authorities realize that Noah Green, the Islamist, is part of a larger issue?

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