Former senator should be ashamed after this appearance on Bill Maher

by Phil Schneider

“Cancel culture is a tsunami.” Bill Maher is 100% right. Anything that anybody ever said about anything else is now enough to defame anybody and destroy the life of anybody else. The pompous attitude of those who have decided to label anybody that they disagree with as a “Nazi” is much more dangerous than we may realize.

What is at stake is our freedom. Their is now a full court press against the freedom of speech in the United States. If anybody says something that is pro-Donald Trump, they will be labeled as a “dangerous Trump supporter.” If they do not toe the line, they will be lambasted on social media as a “threat.” This is going on now more than at any other time in recent history.

The United States was founded on principles of the Constitution, and their relevance applies today more than at any other time. Donald Trump was not perfect, nor is any other politician or any other mortal. But he hit it squarely on the nose when he attacked the politically correct culture that is touted by mainstream media and has come to dominate our lives.

Social Media platforms are so much more potent than many realize, and what is needed today more than ever is a reset to norms that promote the freedoms that are under attack. First off, freedom of speech, and secondly, freedom to bear arms, and third, the freedom of the press. The very reasons that millions clamored to come to the shores of the United States are now becoming the main reasons that people will clamor to leave. We need to change course.

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