An Israeli startup may have just solved the main problem with electric cars

by Leah Rosenberg

Just as with anything in life, there are some problems when it comes to electric cars. But an Israeli startup is helping solve a major issue.

Charging Electric Cars

Can you imagine charging electric cars in just five minutes? From no battery to full battery, an Israeli company may have developed technology for that.

Those who have an electric vehicle have a fear that they’ll get stuck somewhere. Currently, it takes a long time to charge a car. But if you have technology that only takes five minutes, you can be sure your car will be charged up to go the distance you need.

Israel is Revolutionizing the World

This is not the first time Israel has developed technology to help solve a problem in the world. Israel sees a lacking and uses its creativity and determination to invent what is missing. Israel is not called the “innovation nation” for no reason. From medical developments to agricultural improvements, Israel is definitely one of the world leaders in inventions. So many of the things people use daily, they don’t even realize came from Israel. Which is what makes it nearly impossible to actually boycott Israel. The “Palestinians” and their supporters try to, but they cannot succeed. Israel has given so much to the world.

It seems that the world keeps criticizing Israel more and more as the years go on, but it is absolutely irrational. Israel is a country that keeps on giving. If there are those who don’t want to benefit, they are going to have a hard time continuing to live their lives.

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