Japan Will Attack China To Protect Taiwan

by Gavriel Dan

Now that the Biden has changed course on China, due to Japan and other allies forcing him to stand up to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Japan has pledged to find ways to assist the American military against a potential Chinese attack on Taiwan.

Japan now says it will step in and stand up against China if the CCP attacks Taiwan. The rearming of Japan and its threats of a military response if the Chinese attack Taiwan is one the greatest geopolitical changes in the Indo-Pacific.

Will the Chinese attack Taiwan?

They have made it clear in both threats and preparation that they will carry out a strike. China taking Taiwan would drastically alter the world order and plunge the region into long term chaos.

Japan’s stance is key in both countering Biden’s earlier moves towards a retreat and furthering the American engagement in protecting Taiwan. By Japan changing its coastguard laws to be able to actively engage China, the message is clear – it is time for everyone to stand up against the rising dragon.

The Biden team may be sinophiles, but they are being held back from changing course from Trump era policies due to countries like Japan, India, and Australia willing to work together to take on Beijing.

If China is to be deterred from striking out at Taiwan, it will be due to Japan’s strength and determination.

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