Man on parole knifes Jewish family with baby in NYC

by Leah Rosenberg

This is one of the most horrifying things to see. How can someone be so cruel and attack an innocent Jewish family, including a baby?

Jewish Family Assaulted

What a terrible thing to watch. You have to be very, very evil to stab a Jewish family walking with their baby. To harm an innocent 1 year old child sitting in a stroller? What a heinous act.

Although the family is expected to make a full physical recovery, the incident will stay with them forever. The trauma of being attacked like that will never leave them. The attacker, Darryl Jones, should be jailed again. This is not his first crime, but it will hopefully be his last. According to the New York Post, this criminal was recently released from jail on parole after an attempted murder during a robbery in 2011. Jones is clearly not fit to be walking on the streets.

The authorities have the responsibility to ensure that Jones is brought to justice and can never harm anyone again.

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