One family’s Exodus from Egypt changed the course of their history

by Leah Rosenberg

The Exodus may have happened thousands of years ago, but some people can relate to it very closely with their own modern escapes.

A Modern Exodus

Every year on Passover, the Jews remember and talk about the Exodus from Egypt. Really, it is mentioned everyday in prayers as well. But the entire holiday of Passover is dedicated specifically to that story. The mighty empire of Egypt fell, and the Jews survived.

But for some Jews, it is not just an ancient story that they are retelling to feel the pain of the past. Jews are commanded to feel as though they are leaving Egypt, today. And for some Jews, they really did leave Egypt in modern times – like IDF Sgt. Ben’s family. His family was forced to escape Egypt. They heroically overcame the struggles and eventually made it to Israel.

When Jews Were Forced to Flee

Something that the world doesn’t talk about is the fact that the Jews were forced to leave Arab countries after living there for centuries. No, the world never seems to focus in when its Jews being persecuted. After Israel became a modern state in 1948, the Arab world oppressed its Jews and forced them to leave everything behind. Some had amassed great wealth and had to leave it all.

Jews do not persecute Arabs. They do not persecute the “Palestinian” people.

But much of the world doesn’t seem to care about the truth. They don’t seem to care about history.

And that is one of the greatest tragedies of all.


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