The ancient Jerusalem site that most people never knew existed

by Leah Rosenberg

In ancient Jerusalem lies many historic sites, some of which people have never visited. Get a sneak peak at this one!

Inside Ancient Jerusalem…

There are a lot of cool things about ancient Jerusalem. Aside from the fact that the archaeology proves that Jews have lived there for thousands of years, there are many sites that are fascinating to see and learn about.

Because the Jordanians controlled Jerusalem from 1948-1967, many sites were vandalized and trampled upon. The City of David has worked tirelessly to dig, unveil, and restore ancient archaeological findings. Some of what the City of David has revealed to the world are ancient tombs. It is mind-blowing to see the way the dead used to be buried compared to how they are buried now. Visiting these ancient sites gives so much insight into the past.

And what is so fascinating is the way ancient and modern lay side by side in Jerusalem and Israel in general. As said in this video, “Its almost like a timeline for the entire jewish people.”

History comes to life in the land of Israel.

Visiting Jerusalem

Hopefully soon, tourists will be able to come again and visit the City of David and ancient Jerusalem. Hopefully, the pandemic will end, and the history that has been waiting to speak up will once again be able to tell its story.

Israel is waiting for its tourists. The land has been missing all those who come to learn history; to see archaeology and discover the truth.

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