US press secretary proved every Trump hater wrong with the facts

by Leah Rosenberg

The US press secretary speaks in a passionate and persuasive way. How does she do it? With the truth. It’s hard to argue with her when she’s right.

US Press Secretary Silences Haters

This is not the first time that the US press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has destroyed the media with the truth and the facts. And she does it calmly.

The media makes up narratives to bring President Trump down. McEnany said, “You’re contriving a storyline and a narrative.” And that is the problem with the media and Trump haters. They do not care about the truth. You cannot have a debate with them because they do not care what you say. That was proven in this video clip. No matter how many times McEnany brought the facts and the proof to refute the media, the reporter continuously ignored her and interrupter her.

Trump is not a Racist

The press is constantly trying to pin Trump as a racist. But is that a factual claim? Not in the slightest. He has denounced antisemitism and signed an executive order to help fight it. Many in the Black community have tried to make it public that Trump is not a racist and that they support him, but the mainstream media never shows America those videos.

Anything that the not-so-accurate media can do to persuade Americans that Trump is bad, they will do. They care nothing about the truth. Reality means nothing to those who hate Trump enough to spread complete lies.

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