PA terrorists are hoping Biden wins American elections

by Phil Schneider

If you want to force Israel’s hand and not to see a strong State of Israel, then Joe Biden is your man. Basically, anybody in the Democratic Party today is probably a better bet for you. The Democratic Party was once a more pro-Israel party than the Republican Party. But in the last decade or so, they have made a steep about face and shifted to the far left. There are nearly no more Democratic Senators or Congresswomen who are pro-Israel the way that President Truman or Henry Jackson was. These were true patriotic liberals who understood that the State of Israel is a beacon of light in a sea of darkness.

If the Presidential election was one that was based on morals and ideals, President Trump is probably not your man. But a President’s character is not the only issue. It is certainly a central issue, and that is why President Trump, despite his excellent policy decisions vis-a-vis the State of Israel, is still a problematic and non-reliable candidate.

But today, the issue is largely one of the Republican Party versus the Democratic Party. Not all Republicans are pro-Israel, and not all Democrats are anti-Israel. But the vast majority of Republicans are indeed excellent on foreign policy attitudes, and the vast majority of the Democrats have knee-jerk anti-Israel attitudes. That is one of the reasons by President Trump’s record on Israel has been so solid. His first Secretary of State was not very friendly towards Israel. But Mike Pompeo has been fantastic. The same goes for other advisors to President Trump. Joe Biden, on the other hand, will probably be the most pro-Israel person in the entire cabinet. And as he ages, the other voices will be more and more dominant. The safe bet in today’s political climate is for the Party, not the man.

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