Trump’s Counter Revolution: The Breaking Of The MSM Information Dictatorship

by Micha Gefen

President Trump is backing out of a virtual debate with former VP Joe Biden as he correctly claims would be completely controlled by moderators that are essentially biased against him.

Imagine, everytime Trump would try to get Biden to trap himself, the moderator would just mute the President, essentially a virtual version of what Wallace attempted to do in the first debate.

The real reason though, that Trump is backing out of the virtual debate is to push forward with his counter revolution. The coup attempt the Obama administration attempted after Trump took office by using a fake RWussian hoax is alarming and Trump’s message is that Biden was part of this attempt.

By declassifying the information this close to the election and skipping the side show virtual debate, Trump hopes to reclaim the momentum close to the election.

As it becomes clear that he is corona free and his health comeback is assured, his political comeback rests on these revelations and the forcing of Biden back into the arena.

Trump is essentially trying to break the MSM control of the narrative and take down infomation dictatorship long controlled by Chinese inflenced MSM.

Can he do it? He must lower the personal rhetoric and enable his surrogates to slam his opposition with grace.

Dr. Risch

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