Israel and Russia Are Discussing Syria – Is Peace Coming?

by Micha Gefen

There have been rumors that since the about face of the UAE and Bahrain (as well as Saudi Arabia in a covert manner) that Syria is looking to leave the Iranian orbit and make a shocking peace deal with Israel.

Syria is essentially a failed state run by an Alawite dictator that appears to have staked his rule on jockeying up with both Russia and Iran. Up until now it ahs savd him from US and Israeli backed rebels, but with the rebellion put down and Assad is hoping to find another wy forward, especially with Turkey moving to eat up more and more of his northern territory.

While Putin has yet to jettison Iran from Syria, he has been very interested in finding a way to bring stability and ensure a permanent foothold in the region. Syria may not be ready to sign a peace deal with Israel, especially without the return of the Goan (which will not happen), however Putin appears to be ready to ink the deal and they may have just the right kind of influence with Assad.

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